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Proposal Development

Proposal Development Approach

Proposal development begins with a careful review of the RFP, teaming partners, win strategy and costing strategy.  The schedule is developed, volume outlines are formed, writing assignments delivered, staffing is secured, and the initial draft is formed for a compliance review (pink team).  This review includes a go/no-go decision.  The writing is refined, final strategies formed and the proposal is reviewed again for compliance and responsiveness (red team).  At this point the senior leaders and the proposal managers confirm to continue the pursuit.  The final adjustments are accomplished to the proposal, a quality review is accomplished (gold review) and the proposal is delivered to the client.  If oral briefings are required we prepare for them and accomplish them.

 Prepare for Pink Review

  • Proposal Development Team reviews the RFP and identify proposal requirements
  • RFP Requirements are mapped against our strengths and weaknesses
  • Send questions to Contracting Officer as needed
  • Review the selection of teaming partners in light of the final RFP, make adjustments to the team as needed
  • Create proposal outline, generate writing schedule; assign specific areas/tasks to appropriate resources, allows adequate time for a draft review and a final review
  • Update the win strategy and price to win analysis, identify any financial data requirements for CFO
  • Identify and communicate expectations to partners with realistic delivery dates; negotiate team rations (sub to prime); request rates from subs
  • Request Resumes from HR; Publish writing assignments to the writing team and SME’s
  • Order binders and tabs (as needed); initiate graphics development for covers and spines; initiate key graphics
  • Determine delivery details and any unusual packaging attributes
  • Proposal Manager monitors the schedule and availability of identified resources both in-house & outside and adjusts or enforces the schedule as necessary
  • Proposal Development Team Volume Leads (internal and external resources) perform walk through of writing assignments for each volume
  • All team members (in house and SME) complete tasks assigned and communicate progress, status, issues to Proposal Manager
  • Completed writing assignments are delivered to PDM for inclusion in proposal
  • Assemble first draft of proposal
  • Accomplish First proposal review (Pink Team – compliance inspection)

Prepare for Red Review

  • Update proposal using pink team comments
  • Complete costing analysis; complete resume selection
  • Obtain and refine sub billing rates; complete draft version of costing proposal
  • Obtain senior pre-review costing data, team selection, staff selection, and technical solution
  • Accomplish second proposal review process (Red Team – responsiveness inspection)

Prepare for Gold Review, deliver proposal, and oral briefing

  • Review proposal against proposal evaluation criteria
  • Obtain final approval of costing data, team selection, staff selection, and technical solution
  •  Prepare the proposal for delivery (hard and soft copies)
  • Accomplish final proposal review process (Gold Team – quality review)
Deliver proposal and oral briefing
  • Ship the proposal (electronic or hard copy or both)
  • Post proposal session to identify areas for improvement and to identify lessons learned
  • Follow up with the contracting office
  • Prepare briefing slides for oral presentation; practice and deliver oral briefing


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