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Internal Audits

Internal Audits

The QM Team will perform the following activities when conducting audits:

  • Define the scope and purpose of the assessment/audit within the assessment/audit plan
  • Prepare assessment/audit procedures and checklists for the assessment/audit
  • Examine evidence of implementation and controls
  • Interview personnel to learn the status and functions of the processes and the status of the products
  • Prepare and submit an assessment/audit report to functional area task lead
  • Discuss findings with the technical staff and task leader
  • Refer unresolved deviations to functional area task lead for resolution

A product assessment/audit is an independent examination of work product(s) to assess compliance with specifications, standards, customer requirements, or other criteria.  Product assessments/audits are used to ensure that the product was evaluated before it was delivered to the customer, that it was evaluated against agreed upon standards, procedures, or other requirements, that deviations are identified, documented and tracked to closure and to verify corrections.   A process assessment/audit is a systematic and independent examination, to determine whether quality activities and related results comply with planned standards, policies and procedures and whether these are implemented effectively and are suitable to achieve project objectives.

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