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Capture Management and Proposal Development Training

Business Development is never easy.  But, in our weakened economy, it’s tougher than ever.  A good proposal addresses client needs, offers solutions, and convinces the evaluator your product or service fits their objectives.  A proposal that’s “just okay” can quickly convince the evaluator to look elsewhere.  If you are interested in improving the effectiveness of your capture activities and your proposals, we’ve created a sales proposal “crash course” that covers need-to-know secrets, strategies, tools, and tips for creating winning proposals.

In just eight fast paced hours (two four hour sessions), you’ll discover ways to sharpen your capture capabilities, develop strong relationships with potential clients, focus your proposal team on the goals and objectives of your client,  improve your pre-RFP activities, and articulate your solution in the proposal.  The seminar also covers graphic design elements, formatting, and many other topics.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn …

  • Preparing to win long before the RFP is released
  • Shaping your capabilities (teaming) to meet the need of the client
  • Understanding the structure of Federal and State Government RFP’s
  • Avoiding the common problems that hinder proposal evaluators
  • How to develop effective win themes and an executive summary
  • Preparing the proposal development team to generate the proposal
  • Shaping the proposal to into a customer centric presentation
  • Using templates to streamline the writing process
  • Creating a working outline by focusing on your customer’s needs and requirements
  • Proper use of proposal reviews to strengthen the proposal message
  • Generating power graphics to sell the message
  • Developing compliant, responsive, and persuasive proposals
  • What sections your proposal should include and organize them for maximum effect
  • Preparing for production – tabs, cover sheet, binders, shipping labels, transmittal letters
  • Final inspections that identify preventable errors
  • The top reasons sales proposals fail — and how to make sure yours is a success

Who will benefit?  Business Development professionals at every level who want to boost the power and effectiveness of their capture activities and proposals. The seminar was developed for business development managers, sales and marketing managers, sales executives, company managers and any others who have some experience in the government market but need to need to understand how to penetrate the market quickly and profitably.  Attendees will learn the secrets to successfully winning the deal and the keys to following the protocols of the contracting officers and determining the needs of your government customers.

Why Should You Attend?  The Seminar provides you with the knowledge and tools to cut through the vast amount of information available in this market and to start selling immediately.  Most importantly you will finally learn the deeper truths about presenting a persuasive proposal to the government. You will learn both the written and unwritten rules.

How do you contact us and get scheduled?  Currently DCLC is on contract with the University of Nebraska and the University of Iowa to present this seminar.  DCLC can also present the seminar at your event.  Contact Dan Livingston at 623.707.6070 to discuss the details.

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